#The Prismatic World Tour- Katy Perry

#The Prismatic World Tour- Katy Perry

On Saturday, I went to see Katy Perry at the ACC (Air Canada Centre). My experience was BEYOND amazing. I really enjoyed my 2.5 hour concert (excluding her opening act, which was Capital Cities; I only knew one of their songs, Safe and Sound).

IMG_5159 IMG_5160 IMG_5166

I invited May to come along.


She started the concert around 9pm (usual) and opened…

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Summer Shopping

Don’t tell me, I already know. I’m late. Well better late than never. Well, I went shopping at Toronto Eaton Centre and was very successful (see below).

My first stop was abercrombie (kids). I picked up these cotton shorts for $8.50 (regular $22.95). I was looking for sleeping shorts and found them in the first store I went to.


I wasn’t looking for a specific colour or design. This pair suited…

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Siblings Fight

Let’s say that today was a rough day. We both exploded at the dinner table and I would say that it was our first official sibling fight, not that it’s anything to be proud of.

The beginning…
At dinner time, we were discussing the cousins’ trip to Sarnia. And then the upcoming weekend dinner, how Dennis needs to pick A’s uncle from the airport. And then I couldn’t keep my comments to myself, I was…

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Videos of the Week—Part 4

This week’s videos are from a range; from Youtubers to random but true videos.

Jim is a regular Youtuber that I watch. His recent video really wow-ed me. This is a great idea for presents for family and friends. I’ll definitely be trying this project sooner or later.

My boys were on 60 Minutes. They’ve been on T.V. before, but this…

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Canada Day

For Canada Day, we decided to go for tea. My mom had a certificate to Windsor Arms Hotel.

A selfie in the car is always needed.


We were told you sit on the couch while waiting. Within seconds of sitting down, our table was ready.


We were seated in the Purple Room.


The desserts were so goood!


I was so stuffed, even though we had three tiers . We had scones, bread bites and a variety of…

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The Cut


So if you know me, I have been saving my hair for graduation and after that donation. Well, I lied. It’s been four years since I’ve been growing my hair out and talks about cutting it and putting my hair to good use. Although, I haven’t graduated yet, I’ve made the decision to get the chop.

My hair dresser, whom I’ve known for more than a year, helped me in making this come true. I’ve told him…

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High Park 2014

I totally forgot about these pictures.

Last month, I went to High Park. The park is known for having Cherry Blossoms..well that’s what I know it for. But when we got there, the blossoms had already fallen off the tree. We still made it a fun day.

IMG_7535The flowers at the entrance of the park were quite beautiful, even though the weather was chilly.


This is one of the not so many cherry blossoms left.


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