Exploring London Streets

London is a lovely city to visit. With over 11 million people living in the city, it’s clear that everything is so close together, like sardines in a can.


Walking London streets really reminds me of whenever I go to downtown Toronto. If you’ve been to both cities, you’ll know by that I mean the people walking at a fast pace, like their being chased and the roads packed with cars. But both cities…

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As I’m writing this blog draft, I’m currently on my flight home. And it’s been a while since I’ve been this excited to get on a plane (from the start of my trip). The last journey that required a plane ride was about eight years ago when my family (with my aunt, uncle and cousins) went to Yellowstone Park.

There are many things that I want to write about going to the airport, waiting to board the…

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IMG_5893          IMG_5895A few days back, J and I quickly decided that we should see each other before I leave for vacation. So within half a day of texting back and forth we finally decided on cooking dinner together (sleeping over at J’s house was an added bonus).

We bought groceries, which J insisted on paying, but I ended up doing so because I had the upper hand (not to be mean). Together, we stirred up a…

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Drinks and Sleep

Alcohol and Sleep

This weekend is something that I’ll never forget. Partying hard, almost drinking a whole bottle of white wine and cousins’ talk till the early morning hours is something new to me.
After a family dinner, A, C and I took the subway to A’s place, where we stayed the night.


The drinking began early. We got to A’s around  10:30pm. Dropped off our bags and downed glasses of vodka and white wine. I…

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Saturday, Sunday, Monday

This was probably the greatest idea that us cousins have came up. I’m glad with. Although the length of time that we were there wasn;t long, but I cherished every moment we had together; from waking up at 6:30am to the last night when Jenn treated us for desserts.

Here are some of photos, I could hardly choose because I had three cameras’ pictures to pick from.
IMG_5669          GOPR0288
IMG_5672          IMG_5680

GOPR0302          GOPR0317

IMG_7747 IMG_7753    IMG_7827

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WWA Tour

A and I bought tickets about a year in advance. I wasn’t too hyped out about the concert till the very last second. There were loads of crowds and lots to see outside the arena. We took some pictures with Insta 1D and 1D’s Our Moment truck. We had a long walk to our gate.





I was pretty excited that I was seeing 5SOS again because I am so in-love with them (at the moment). And I wasn’t…

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Wednesday Hang Out

Summer’s almost gone and that means squeezing in time to meet friends here and there before they all take off to go back to school or leave the city for real jobs.

Jamie, Jordan and I took a day to hang out. We had lunch at Nandos, which was amazing as always.

Jordan ordered half chicken with potato wedges. He chose hot for the spiciness of his chicken sauce.


Jamie had a quater chicken,…

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Queen Street Shopping

Queen Street Shopping with @_GYUUNIKU_

Another day of shopping with Mabel. This time, I was on the hunt for several things that I saw at the mall last time, but didn’t have a chance to get.


This is me, trying to video myself but failed because the gopro was get on camera shooting mode.


Mabel didn’t eat anything that morning. So by the time we reached the mall, it was about lunch time. So we went to Richtree Market to eat.


I really…

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